Lunch Bunch

Students are invited to join Tarleton’s Lunch Bunch any afternoon they attend school. Lunch Bunch meets daily and no reservations are necessary. Parents simply enclose the additional fee in their child’s lunch box;  $12.00 for a 1:30 pick up, $20.00 for a 3:00 pickup and $30.00 for a 4:30 pick up.  Advance payment of the entire semester remains at $10.00 (1:30), $18.00 (3:00) and $28.00 (4:30).

This relaxed afternoon program allows children to enjoy additional time in a child centered environment.  After lunch the boys and girls may do an art activity, enjoy the rhythm instruments, parachute play or just play with friends; if weather permits, the children will play outside.

What Our Parents are Saying
The teachers at Tarleton School are experienced, reliable, and kind. I always felt that my son’s well being was their highest priority when it came to his learning, behavior, and overall happiness.