About Us

The Tarleton Day School is under the day-to-day direction of Mrs. Barbara Smith.  Barbara holds a degree in education with a specialty in reading diagnostics.  She joined the “Tarleton Family” in the fall of 1980, teaching a class of three year old children.The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania granted Mrs. Smith her Director’s Certification in 1990, and she moved into the leadership position of Director of The Tarleton School.  Barbara continues in that capacity ensuring Tarleton’s academic excellence.  She welcomes children daily as they play, learn and grow at the Tarleton School.

A Note from the School’s Director

IMG_1750I am often asked what makes Tarleton special, how are we distinctive in comparison to other nursery schools.  Many other pre-schools make claims similar to ours.  However, I believe Tarleton’s real distinction comes from our academic program and our wonderful teachers; the opportunities we have to establish what we hope will be a lifelong love of learning, to promote early childhood education through our setting, our school community and  most importantly, through our faculty and curriculum.

The children benefit from the history of our beautiful school house and from the rich tapestry of our community.

Few schools can claim our history.  Tarleton was founded in 1957 by educators, dedicated to early childhood education.   We believe our Tarleton philosophy is best displayed in the day to day interaction between our dedicated faculty and our students.  I firmly believe that our teachers are the key ingredient to Tarleton School’s success. Their tasks are challenging.  Each teacher must have a deep understanding of the young child, a passion for education and the desire to create a classroom environment that encourages their young students to “grow into learning.”  Our teachers possess a rich knowledge of learning styles and the distinctive, academically oriented Tarleton curriculum, as they challenge and support the young children entrusted to their care.Clearly our faculty is what makes Tarleton distinctive in the classroom, on our playgrounds and within our community.  Our curriculum is what leads to success!

Barbara K. Smith
Director, Tarleton School

History of Tarleton

The Tarleton Day School, housed in a lovingly restored historic Main Line home (circa 1874) in Berwyn, PA, was founded in 1957 by educational professionals to provide a superior learning environment for young children entering their first academic experience. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Kane (Ruth Kane) joined Tarleton in the 1970’s.  Mrs. Kane had been in elementary education and taught early childhood education at the college level.  She was an author for Phonovisual, a phonics based reading program that establishes a relationship between the letter symbol and its sound.  Mrs. Kane developed the Tarleton curriculum, which has evolved into the premier early childhood learning program taught today.  Tarleton School continues to use Phonovisual, which enables children to read with comprehension and fluency.  Tarleton teachers provide each child with the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities particularly adapted to their developmental needs, through the use of a variety of instructional materials, play activities and art projects.

What Our Parents are Saying
The small classes at Tarleton Day School were perfect for our daughter’s early education. Her teachers knew her well and she formed nice friendships with her classmates.
R. Witcher