The Tarleton School program is designed to give children from preschool through first grade a fundamental education that is appropriate for their age group’s stage of development.  The program provides a solid foundation for the years ahead through ongoing practice, to develop the paramount skill of thinking. Specifically, our goals are to provide each child with an opportunity to participate in a a wide variety of experiences, to mesh old and new “learnings”, and to naturally “grow into reading”. We aspire to achieve these goals through the use of professionally developed school materials, play activities, and art projects.

Toddler Time at Tarleton: Our toddler-sensitive  program is designed for children aged eighteen to twenty-eight months of age. Children enrolled in this readiness program are guaranteed acceptance into our regular pre-school classes.

Toddler Time at Tarleton  meets one morning per week for $489.00 per session.

Three Year Old Program:  Our threes explore the world around them and experience the beauty of the changing seasons against the backdrop of our bucolic three acre campus.  Our children learn about spatial relationships and organizational concepts, while developing fine motor skills such as learning how to hold a crayon correctly, using scissors, finger painting and painting with brushes .  Children are introduced to classification and sequencing skills, number/ numerical relationships are taught through the use of manipulatives (such as teddy bear counters), preferential ordering as well as letters and numbers.  The use of art activities and cooking projects reinforce these exciting learning moments.

Three year old classes  meet two, three or five mornings a week. Tuition cost ranges from $4,020.00 to $6,892.00 per school year.

Four Year Old/Pre-K Program: Children learn sounds and letters with the help of our phonovisual program, which combines the use of phonics with whole language.  The sounds are taught in a scientifically arranged order that emphasizes the natural formation of a young child’s language development.  The children are totally immersed in the particular sound they are studying.  The use of art projects and cooking healthy, delicious foods reinforces the sounds being taught.  The fours’ math program introduces patterns, numbers, time, graphing and simple addition and subtracting skills.

Four year old classes  meet five mornings or five full days a week. Tuition cost ranges from  $7,438.00 to $9,378.00 per school year.

Kindergarten Program: Children continue to build upon the phonovisual program with the goal of developing a love of reading by exposing them to various reading programs.  With the right balance of structure and encouragement, our kindergarten children will grow into reading before the school year is over.  Kindergarten math classes focus on money, addition and subtraction.  Each winter, the kindergarten class celebrates the 100th day of school by counting, graphing and enjoying a fun-filled day celebrating the number 100.  By the end of the school year, their handwriting is amazing, and many of our boys and girls will soon be writing and illustrating their own stories.

Kindergarten  meets five mornings per week or five full days a week. Tuition ranges from $8,880.00 to $14,728.00 per school year.

First Grade Program: By first grade, all children are reading beautifully!  Given the small class size, each child is encouraged to read independently at their own comfort level, then, working with their teacher, their skills are honed and they have the confidence to meet higher challenges.  In their math program, the students are adding and subtracting two and three digits easily.  They continue to work with money, time and graphing as well as solid geometry.

Pre 1st / 1st grade  meets five full days a week. Tuition is $14,728.00 per school year.

What Our Parents are Saying
“We enrolled our son at Tarleton as soon as he was eligible and thought the transition would be difficult for him, but by the second day, he was already excited about his morning and going to school.  His teacher told us that her goal was to make the students “love school” that would carry them through their education, and that has absolutely been our experience.  Our son loves Tarleton, his teachers and his classmates and I know that experience will stay with him.”                          
A. Stach