About Us

The Tarleton Day School is under the day-to-day direction of Mrs. Barbara Smith.  Barbara holds a degree in education with a specialty in reading diagnostics.  She joined the “Tarleton Family” in the fall of 1980, teaching a class of three year old children.The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania granted Mrs. Smith her Director’s Certification in 1990, and she moved into the leadership position of Director of The Tarleton School.  Barbara continues in that capacity ensuring Tarleton’s academic excellence.  She welcomes children daily as they play, learn and grow at the Tarleton School.

Tarleton School’s Philosophy

IMG_1750“A swift walker, if he happens to be walking with a child, gives him his hand, shortens his stride and does not go too fast for his small companion.”  -Quintillion

The most valuable and precious commodity of the entire world is the child.  No expensive jewel, material possession or political power is as important as the single child.  In this child lies the future of mankind.  So we must treat and teach each child with dignity and respect, constantly guiding and showing the way with gentleness.  As teachers we must strive to create an exciting learning environment in which are incorporated structure, individualized learning and lots of love.  Each child deserves to have as his teacher an adult who has a deep understanding of child development and one who will enjoy the freshness and newness of each child, accepting him just as he is.

The real teacher, a Tarleton teacher, will not impose values, morals or knowledge on a child.  They will guide the child to discover his own sense of values, morals and develop his own creativity.

So as teachers we must take a child’s hand, shorten our stride and enjoy the sense of wonder, but constantly prepare him to let go of our hand and walk alone.

Barbara K. Smith
Director, Tarleton School

History of Tarleton

The Tarleton Day School, housed in a lovingly restored historic Main Line home (circa 1874) in Berwyn, PA, was founded in 1957 by educational professionals to provide a superior learning environment for young children entering their first academic experience. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Kane (Ruth Kane) joined Tarleton in the 1970’s.  Mrs. Kane had been in elementary education and taught early childhood education at the college level.  She was an author for Phonovisual, a phonics based reading program that establishes a relationship between the letter symbol and its sound.  Mrs. Kane developed the Tarleton curriculum, which has evolved into the premier early childhood learning program taught today.  Tarleton School continues to use Phonovisual, which enables children to read with comprehension and fluency.  Tarleton teachers provide each child with the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities particularly adapted to their developmental needs, through the use of a variety of instructional materials, play activities and art projects.

What Our Parents are Saying
“Knowing our children are in the finest care each day learning languages, exploring art, science, music and friendships, especially in the pandemic, we feel incredibly lucky to have Tarleton School! The teachers truly love the kids and are artists in their own right.  It is hard not to hang every single beautiful piece of art brought home, and our kindergartener is reading and writing.  Thank you, Tarleton!”