Welcome to the Tarleton Day School

Founded in 1957, The Tarleton Day School is a private, independent preschool with no religious affiliation. The school was organized by educational professionals to provide a superior learning environment for boys and girls encountering their first academic experience. Our curriculum is designed for children from preschool through first grade with a focus on nurturing each child’s individual learning capabilities. Tarleton’s focus is on building the fundamental academic habits that have proven, year after year, to prepare children for the challenges they will face in the future.

Most importantly, always remember, there’s no place like home… except Tarleton!

Why Tarleton

For the family seeking an early childhood program of instruction for their child, with a proven track record of success in both the larger private schools and the public schools, Tarleton is the perfect first step.

  • Tarleton School is licensed through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a Private Academic School and follows the Pennsylvania Department of Education Early Learning Standards.
  • All of our classroom teachers are state certified with specialties in early childhood education.
  • Tarleton offers one of the strongest and developmentally appropriate early childhood programs in the area, individualized to maximize each child’s learning experience.
  • Small class sizes allow us to nurture your child’s individual learning capabilities.
  • Each child has the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities particularly adapted to their developmental needs, through a variety of instructional materials, play activities and art projects.
  • At Tarleton everyone has fun every day!
What Our Parents are Saying
The small classes at Tarleton Day School were perfect for our daughter’s early education. Her teachers knew her well and she formed nice friendships with her classmates.
R. Witcher